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Jordan is a filmmaker from Hull. His previous three films have played at a combined 12 international film festivals, winning three awards. Jordan has a passion for horror and Asia extreme cinema with Wes Craven and Park Chan-Wook being two of his biggest influences. Jordan has also worked as an assistant director on a couple of short films and one feature, the upcoming Acid Daemons.

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Production Designer

Rebekah is a Japanese language and film enthusiast. She has gained a degree in Japanese and world cinemas and is currently completing a masters degree in international film production. Rebekah also has experience of being on stage and behind the scenes of theatre productions, as well as being involved in radio production. Rebekah is keen to express herself through the medium of film.

Rebekah is passionate about writing, directing and cinematography with her love of Asia extreme, horror and psychological thrillers influencing her first screenplay The Nail That Sticks Out.

“I adore directors such as Takashi Miike, and wanted to write a screenplay which has an ominous tone and a climatic, shocking end sequence”.

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Jamie left a management career in the public sector to pursue his passion for film and television. After achieving a first class film studies degree, he is now studying for a masters in international film production. Jamie aspires to be a writer and producer for both film and television and is looking forward to the challenge of producing his first short film.

"Representation of both women and LBGT+ characters on screen is really important to me, and that's what drew me to The Nail That Sticks Out. I'm really excited to be working on this project, and can't wait for people to see it."

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First Assistant Director

Renai comes from a background in performing arts, specialising in acting and directing. In the final year of her degree she discovered a passion for story development and pre-production stages of film and TV. Renai hopes to pursue a career in writing, directing and acting.

“My aim is to create stories that showcase the diverse UK that I grew up in, something I didn’t see represented on screen. I want to tell stories that do not rely on stereotypes, but that are influenced by the true stories of those around me.”

“Being the first assistant director on The Nail That Sticks Out is exciting, especially working on a film which showcases diversity in its characters.”

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Director of Photography

Jobe has a wealth of experience filming promotional content for restaurants, sports clubs, comedy clubs, charities and corporate clients. He has also filmed live events including comedy, music and fashion shows. Jobe has worked on the short films The Otherside, Just Business and Subconscious, and the documentary films Can Wii Get Fit and Save the Redditch Community Boxing Gym.

Currently, as well as completing a master’s degree in film production, Jobe also works for ‘My Home Move’, creating promotional content and e-learning modules.

“I feel very lucky to be working on The Nail That Sticks Out, a script that lends itself to interesting and unique lighting and cinematography techniques. As the director of photography for the film, it is imperative that I understand and contribute to the director’s vision.”



Location Manager
Unit Production Manager

Rhianne has the challenging roles of both location and unit production manager for The Nail That Sticks Out. She brings with her previous experience as a production runner, and aspires to be a writer for film and television. 

"I love seeing people and stories on screen that aren't usually represented - The Nail That Sticks Out is a very different film and I'm excited for people to see it." 

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Script Supervisor

Tom realised that film was his passion while studying media at college, and went on to complete a degree in film studies. Now undertaking a masters degree in international film production, Tom is gaining industry experience in the fields of script supervising, writing and editing.

"When I first read the script for The Nail That Sticks Out, I knew straight away that is was a production I would enjoy working on - it has an excellent story, and is ambitious in its scope. I feel it will push the standard of what a short film can be."

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Camera Operator

Tamas has loved the experiences he has gained studying film and making short films. His ultimate goal would be to work on feature films, alongside developing his own projects.

“I can’t wait to start filming The Nail That Sticks Out as it is going to challenge me and develop my technical skills. I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to use industry standard camera equipment too.”

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Sound Recordist

Pete started composing music in his mid teens, writing quiet, hypnotic piano pieces when not playing bass in high school rock bands. On arriving at university to study film, he quickly found his voice producing sound design and music for short films, working with director Jordan Dean on several projects.

“Sound is a really natural storytelling tool. It engages the audience in a profound way, but it can often be overlooked, because its impact is very different from that of images. In this film there’s a lot going on under the surface that the characters don’t want to talk about, and I can see the sound and music playing a big part in communicating those things.”

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